Motul is widely regarded as an expert in high performance engine oil. A company with a 170-year legacy of innovation and ingenuity. Fuelled by the passion that drives high-performance motorists and motorsport enthusiasts, we demonstrated unwavering dedication towards innovation and engineering to unleash the true potential of their machines. From seasoned racers to everyday motorists to weekend adventurers, we offer a comprehensive range of motorcycle-specific lubricants and care products designed to elevate your riding experience. Our efforts have established Motul among the elite bike engine oil manufacturers around the world.

We conduct meticulous testing of our products to ensure they deliver excellent performance and protect the engine, regardless of conditions. From scorching heat to bone-chilling cold, an engine running on Motul’s bike engine oil is certain to run smoothly, efficiently, and reliably for countless miles. Our advanced formulas boast superior film strength, minimising friction and protecting your engine from harmful contaminants. This translates into a smoother ride, increased power delivery, and ultimately, a longer lifespan for your beloved two-wheeler.

If you love your bikes, you’ll know that riding a bike is all about confidence. True bike enthusiasts craft a distinct identity based on their riding personality. And this personality is one that oozes confidence. Our lubricants inspire you to discover yourself by providing unwavering reliability and encourage you to tap into the freedom of elegantly riding through all kinds of roads. Our R&D team is trained to meticulously test our products to meet and exceed industry standards, ensuring consistent performance across diverse riding conditions. Whether you're navigating city streets or tackling challenging off-road terrain, ride with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your engine is optimally protected.

Explore our product range, which offers some of the best engine oil for bikes formulated for different engine types, riding styles, and capacities. Our flagship lines, including the 300V Factory Line and the 7100 series, cater to high-performance machines and everyday riders alike. These lines are available in the form of 10w40 and 10w30 fully synthetic engine oils for bikes, for added convenience and flexibility. Find what suits your riding style best and discover true freedom. Our range of products spans all possible use case scenarios, so whether you’re looking for high-performance engine oil for powerful motors or a more utilitarian engine oil for 110cc bikes, you won’t be disappointed.

For smooth and precise gear changes, explore our high-performance transmission fluids like the Motul Gear series, specifically designed for motorcycles to ensure optimal gear engagement and clutch performance. Keeping your chain clean and well-lubricated is crucial, and our C2 Chain Lube range comes in various formulations to suit different riding conditions and preferences. They offer excellent weather resistance, fling-off protection, and superior lubrication for a smoother ride and extended chain life.

Your motorcycle's suspension plays a critical role in handling and control. Our high-performance fork oils, like the Hydraulic Fork Fluid series, provide optimal damping characteristics and ensure responsive and predictable suspension performance. Maintaining strong and reliable braking is essential for safety. Our DOT-compliant brake fluids, like the RBF 660 Factory Line, offer superior heat resistance and boiling points, ensuring consistent and powerful braking performance, even under extreme conditions.

We also provide a wide range of maintenance and care products to keep your motorcycle in top condition. From air filter oils and coolants to cleaners and engine flush oils for bikes, we have everything you need to ensure your machine is performing at its best.

By choosing Motul, you're choosing a brand that shares your passion for motorcycles. We're dedicated to providing the highest quality lubricants and care products to keep your ride running smoothly, efficiently, and reliably for countless miles to come. Explore the world of Motul products today and unlock the ultimate riding experience.