Discover the perfect Motul Lubricant Oil for your Bike

Your vehicle is your companion in your everyday life and it’s extremely important to take care of it just as you take care of yourself. And a vehicle requires regular maintenance and an intake of fluids and lubricants. These lubricants ensure your vehicle is functioning properly with smoothness and reliability. It’s important to invest in the right brand and kind of lubricant oil for your vehicle. Different types of vehicles require different types of lubricants and this usually depends on the engine powering the vehicle. Motul is among the most revered brands of lubricants and engine oils in the world and offers a wide range of products for you to choose from. Here are some of the best recommendations from the brand.

Why are lubricant oils for motorcycles important?

Unlike cars, motorcycles are dependent on lubricants to maintain their entire anatomy. Their engine, transmission gear and clutch are all integrated into one central unit that works in tandem, making these parts interdependent on each other, Lubricants, therefore play a prominent role in ensuring peak performance and functionality of a motorcycle.

Improved fuel economy and efficiency

Bikes like the Hero Splendor and Bajaj Platina are incredibly popular among the masses, especially in Tier 2 cities and rural areas. These motorcycles are known for their excellent fuel economy and high mileage. The Motul 3100 10W-30 is an excellent choice for such bikes. This technosynthetic oil keeps the engine clean and free from carbon deposits, avoiding wear and tear in the long term. It’s also an excellent chain lubricant that delivers stable wet clutch performance for stop and go traffic conditions. Its ability to minimise friction leads to improved fuel economy and reliability.

For comfortable city commutes

Gearless scooters such as the Honda Activa and Hero Pleasure are commonplace among city dwellers. These scooters are an excellent choice for short distance commutes and everyday riding around congested city areas. Motul Scooter Power LE 5W-40 is a fully-synthetic oil lubricant specifically formulated for such scooters. It offers exceptional protection against wear during frequent acceleration and maintains excellent viscosity in hot city conditions, ensuring smooth starts and stops.

Ensure your bike continues to offer peak performance

High Performance motorbikes such as the CBR 250 and KTM Duke 200 are becoming common in the Indian motorcycle market. Such bikes run powerful motors that rev high and are capable of operating at high temperatures. They require lubricants that are designed to optimise performance and improve reliability. Motul has two excellent choices for such bikes.

This fully-synthetic, competition-proven high temperature lubricant is ideal for high-performance machines like the Honda CBR 250. It delivers exceptional lubrication, reduces friction even at extreme temperatures, and allows for smoother gear changes during aggressive riding. It employs Motul’s proprietary Ester Core Technology, which ensures maximum power delivery. It also offers superior temperature control features without compromising on engine protection.

This semi-synthetic oil is a great choice for powerful engines like the KTM Duke 200. It is designed for a smooth shifting experience and maintains viscosity in high-heat conditions, making it suitable for performance riding without compromising engine protection.

Comfortable cruising along the highway

For those who crave the open road and the laid-back cruising experience, cruisers such as the Royal Enfield Bullet and the high end Harley Davidson Fat Boy offer supreme comfort and are considered a joy to ride over long distances. Such bikes require long-lasting lubrication which is designed for engine smoothness and reliability.

This semi-synthetic oil is a perfect fit for air-cooled engines like the iconic Royal Enfield Bullet. Formuleted for long distances, it employs Motul’s Technosynthese 4-Stroke- Estertechnology-Improved shear resistence. A suitable choice for bikes that utilise catalytic converters, this engine oil ensures your bike remains protected, mile after mile.

For American muscle on the open road, this product is the perfect choice. This fully-synthetic oil is designed for high-performance engines that experience demanding conditions. Cruising on a Harley Davidson Fat Boy generates significant heat, and the 7100 20W-50 tackles this challenge head-on. It boasts outstanding film strength, minimises friction to prevent power loss, and resists high temperatures, ensuring your engine purrs smoothly throughout your journey.

Your choice of Motul Lubricant Oil largely depends on your driving or riding style and what your expectations are from it. Motul India’s website has a useful oil recommender tool that allows you to find recommendations specifically for your model of motorcycle. You explore our product range which offers options based on the category of vehicle you’re driving.