Understanding Why Motor Engine Oil Selection is Critical

Motor Engine Oil

Today’s car engines are amazing feats of engineering; however, their complicated parts demand careful maintenance. The most important factor for the best performance and the long service life of the car is the use of the right engine oil. Although the predecessor vehicles could work with various oil types, modern engines today are specifically designed to work with a few oil viscosities and formulations. The soaring consequences of not taking this step can be very serious.

Why choosing the right oil matters

Engine oil plays a vital role in ensuring all the moving parts of your vehicle’s engine are functioning smoothly. Therefore, it is important to choose an engine oil product that is ideally suited for your engine’s specifications. Consider these benefits.

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  • Reduces friction and wear: The oil layer that covers the engine components acts as a barrier thus, reducing the friction and the wear of the engine parts. The right oil viscosity makes sure that the engine is properly lubricated when it starts and when it is operating at its given temperature.
  •  Maintains engine cleanliness: Engine oil detergents are able to stop the sludge and varnish formation that can cause the engine to lose its performance, thus the engine will run smoothly.
  •  Protects against LSPI (Low-Speed Pre-Ignition): The present-day turbocharged engines are at risk of LSPI, a condition that may be disastrous. The correct oil is the one that has the additives that stop the occurrence of LSPI.
  •  Improves fuel economy: Less viscous oils lower the friction which in turn results in only slight improvements of the fuel efficiency.

Picking the perfect oil for your car

With the wide array of oil choices out there, picking the right one is a hard task. In truth, it’s not that complicated and it boils down to a few vital factors. It’s all about understanding the specifications of your car’s engine. Here’s what to consider:

  • Manufacturer recommendations: The owner’s manual of your car has specified the recommended type of oil and its viscosity. Thus, the exact fitting of the radiator will enable you to operate your engine correctly and properly.
  • Oil viscosity: The oil viscosity is the measure of its thickness. Find the “W” (winter) and numerical rating (number) as recommended in your owner’s manual. The lower the number, the thinner the oil, enabling better performance in cold weather. 
  • Oil type: There are three primary forms of engine oil: conventional, synthetic, and semi-synthetic. Synthetic oils are usually the best in terms of performance and protection, hence, the manual will be the guide in choosing the right type. 
  • API (American Petroleum Institute) Certification: The API donut symbol on the oil container is the key to identifying whether the oil is suitable for your car. This shows that the oil has passed some technical standards which represent the quality of the oil. The API Starburst symbol is a sign that means the car has additional fuel economy and emission system protection benefits.
  • ILSAC (International Lubricant Standardization Advisory Committee) Certification: The ILSAC Shield symbol signifies the oil meets viscosity and performance requirements for certain modern engines.
Fully Synthetic Motor Engine Oil

Avoid these common mistakes

Considering the wide range and variety of engine oils, it’s easy to make a mistake identifying the right one for your car. Most engine oil products have naming conventions based on specifics such as viscosity grade and purpose. You need to be mindful and avoid making mistakes such as:

  • Using the wrong viscosity oil: Incorrect oil viscosity can lead to increased friction, reduced fuel efficiency, and potential engine damage.
  • Ignoring oil change intervals: Even the best oil deteriorates over time. Stick to your manufacturer’s recommended oil change intervals.
  • Focusing solely on price: While cost is a factor, using cheap, unsuitable oil can lead to expensive repairs down the road.
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The Takeaway: Choose wisely for optimal engine performance

Engine oil selection may seem like a minor detail, but it significantly impacts your car’s health. By understanding the critical role oil plays and following the manufacturer’s recommendations, you can ensure your engine runs smoothly, efficiently, and delivers peak performance for years to come. Choosing a brand like Motul India will help you find the best engine oil tailored to various types of vehicles and catering to all requirements, ranging from performance and racing to economy and engine protection.