Best Practices for Applying Chain Lube to Your Bike


Chain maintenance, particularly lubricating a motorcycle chain, is something we do not do as often as we should! In this case, another issue is that we don’t do it correctly in many cases too. Here is a guide to mastering the best practices for applying chain lube to your bike, to keep your chain well-lubricated and ensure optimal performance from your two-wheeler. 

Bike Chain Lube for Corrosion Protection

What will you require & when to lubricate your motorcycle chain? 

A good point to start is lubricating the chain every 3rd/4th time that you fill-up the tank. In case you live somewhere where the weather is rainy for large parts of the year, then you should lubricate more often. The best way is to periodically check the sprockets and chain for any signs of wear and tear along with rust. 

Also, read the service manual carefully to determine the slack that your motorcycle chain should have. This measurement may be taken from a vertical position or even on the kickstand, depending on your bike’s brand/company. Adjust your chain and then gather the lubing tools that you require. Some of them include chain lube of course, a chain cleaning brush, a suitable chain cleaner, clean cloth/rags, thick paper to avoid over-spraying, and gloves for your hands. 

Chain Lube Cleaner Tips

How to lubricate It right

There is, of course, a right or best way to apply chain lube to your bike. Here are some steps that you should not neglect in this regard. 

  • First, ensure that you use the chain cleaner from a reputed brand like Motul India to degrease the chain thoroughly. 
  • The chain has to be completely free of any dirt and grime before you start lubing it. 
  • Then, you have to firmly spray the chain lube from Motul India through the full length of the chain. 
  • You should always leave the chain to dry for some minutes afterwards, in order to ensure suitable adherence. 

You can start spraying right below the swingarm on the top of the chain and put your motorcycle in neutral. Rotate the tyre with a hand and spray the lube on the rollers and plates. Use a cardboard/thick paper to safeguard the wheel and tyre from any over-spraying or splashes. Always avoid turning on the motorcycle and allowing the engine to run in the gears while spraying lubricant. This will lead to a serious mishap and major injuries, so be careful not to do it. 

Once you let the chain lube set for about 15-60 minutes, depending on how much time you have, it will be time to wipe off any excess amounts. Once you take a ride, you’ll find little lube chunks on the underside of the motorcycle, which is known as chain fling. You can wipe off the chain thoroughly in this case thereafter.

Chain Cleaner and Lube Online

Pro tips for Chain Lube champions

  • Frequency matters: The frequency of lube application depends on riding conditions and the type of lube used. As a rule, lubricate your chain after every 2-3 rides in wet or muddy conditions, and after every 4-5 rides in dry conditions.
  • Cleanliness is a habit: Develop a regular cleaning routine for your chain. This will keep it rust-free and at optimal performance levels. 
  • Shifting smoothly: After applying lube and leaving it to set for 15-60 minutes, shift through all your gears to ensure smooth operation.

By following these best practices and choosing the right chain lube from Motul India for your riding conditions, you can keep your bike chain running smoothly and silently for countless miles. Remember, a little TLC goes a long way in protecting your investment and ensuring a more enjoyable riding experience!